Spiritual Glamper is an exclusive & unique way to experience yoga and wellness events in beautiful nature escape locations. Our community of teachers and light workers focus on harnessing the natural healing elements of nature to allow students to achieve deeper states of relaxation and restoration with yoga, sound bath, breath work and meditation in the great outdoors. We also provide turn-key access to our outdoor yoga "studios," so yoga teachers/ wellness practitioners can easily access & cater to a growing community of yoga and nature lovers.  It is important to note that our approach to yoga & wellness is multi-faceted, we tune into powerful & auspicious astrological occurrences such as full moons, new moons and eclipses to plan events that allow our guests to tap into the cosmos for deep transformation. 


In collaboration with Glampotel, Spiritual Glamper provides the yoga & wellness community the opportunity to plan retreats and getaways with sustainable, off the grid lodging solutions. Spiritual Glamper also offers classes to guests of Glampotel, as it is our goal for all who visit one of Glampotel's amazing locations to elevate their vibrations and align mind body & soul.

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